Project Name

Dormitory WiFi-Deployment and User Management


How to use WMS-608N WLAN Controller in Dormitory?

--> Dormitory in University and there are 2000 students
--> Student has to pay for monthly ticket, and there are two types of tickets, high bandwidth management 1MB, and low bandwidth management 200KB
--> Each room has 10 students, total 200 rooms and Each room need 1 x 802.11AC Dual Band Ceiling AP
--> Student no need to enter user name and password to login each time

Deployment Scenario



--> One WMS-608N WLAN Controller + 200 WAPD-102AC 802.11AC Dual Band AP
--> Setup 2 VLAN (VAP SSID) for High and Low bandwidth User Group
--> Use Pre-Generated Ticket Authentication, and ticket expiration is the end of every Month
--> Tie VAP SSID-High bandwidth with Pre-Generated Ticket Database 1, and Tie VAP SSID-Low Bandwidth with Pre-Generated Ticket Database 2
--> Remember ME on Captive Portal, student does not need to enter user name and password